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Solar Panel Repair and Maintenance in Sacramento, CA

Solar Panel and Electrical Repair

Maximize the life of your solar panels

Power has been derived from the sun since ancient times. The advancement of technology has allowed us to go far beyond simply using solar energy to light fires. A rapid advancement in solar technology has resulted in improved efficiency and aesthetics, since then. Solar Technology has not only improved, but also become more affordable. As a result, solar power now has become both more affordable as well as more efficient than ever.

Despite the advancements in technology, things do sometimes stop working on your system. You may only need to replace a defective part or make a simple fix. Regardless of the situation, ACR Solar & Roofing is here to help. On your panels, dirt could accumulate due to pollution, moss, tree debris, etc. These issues must be addressed quickly and adequately in order to retain the value of your panels.

Residential Solar Panel Repair and Maintenance in Sacramento

As durable as solar panels are, it is important to remember that they require a little maintenance from time to time. This can be accomplished by recruiting seasoned electricians who are well versed in the different types of solar systems employed in the solar industry. Your solar panels must be repaired by an experienced and qualified technician to ensure they will last for several more years.

Solar panels are an excellent investment since they reduce costs and produce a return on investment. The only way to accomplish this is to maintain the system properly. In other words, in order to keep your solar system operating at peak performance, you need to maintain it. As a result, your solar panel system can continue to operate for decades.

Solar Panel Repair and Maintenance Services Surrounding Sacramento

We take great pride in providing Sacramento and its surrounding areas with the best solar panel repair services. Quality, reliable service that is also affordable is what we are all about. As highly experienced electricians with extensive knowledge of the solar industry, we have completed a number of solar system installations. If another contractor installed your system and they are no longer in business or are hard to reach, give us a call to see why we are the top-rated solar company in Sacramento.

Inspection of your Solar System

Buying a new home with solar already Installed? Is your system running to its full potential?  ACR Solar & Roofing has you covered. Our technicians are highly trained and offer thorough inspections. A detailed report and analysis of your specific solar system will be provided after the scrupulous inspection. In addition to the report and analysis, our knowledgeable technicians will provide ethical advice on whether your system should be kept or replaced.

Solar Panel Cleaning and Removal

Our qualified and credentialed technicians arrive ready to deal with whatever dirt accumulated on your panels. Pressure washers and filtered water are used to remove moss, pollution, scale, tree debris, birds, and any other items obstructing your system. A clean panel is part of the essential maintenance required to ensure your system stays running for years to come. You should clean your panels three to four times a year.

Inspection of Interconnection Breaker and Inverter

ACR Solar & Roofing will inspect the breakers and investigate any safety concerns. Each interconnection breaker is inspected by our technicians for damage, improper usage, and wear and tear. Alternatively, you can use the inverter to convert direct current into alternate current. Inverters are essential for the entire system to function since energy cannot be used without them. Even minor issues can cause your system to output little to no power. This is the main reason why we inspect the connection thoroughly.

Compliance Analysis of Current Fire and Building Codes

Sacramento solar panel repair and maintenance has never been easier. For a quality job, get in touch with a qualified, experienced, reliable, and affordable solar panel repair technician at ACR Solar & Roofing.

The government and fire departments develop solar panel fire codes to keep homeowners safe. As long as your solar panels are installed according to code, they are safe to use in your home. In contrast, if solar panels are not up to code, they can interfere with the ventilation system during a fire. Your home may be at risk if an unprofessional and inexperienced installer installs your system without adhering to the safety code. As part of our services, we guarantee that your system is attended to efficiently and that anything that does not comply is addressed.

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